Hatramij is a local marketing, sales and distribution company
with emphasis on expansion and growth.

Hatramij provides competitive marketing, sales and distribution services for branded products in specific market segments.

In addition to serving important international principals, Hatramij markets, sells and distributes its own proprietary branded products.


Established in 1956, Hatramij is a local company, marketing branded consumer and professional products with a retail store in Paramaribo and a branch-office in Nickerie.

Headquartered at Dijkveld, in Suriname, Hatramij
represents world’s best known consumer brands, including Sunshine Snacks, YEP, BIC, BOP, Apollo, Sunshine Cornflakes, Cole Cold, KDK, Brabantia, Milkana, Fructus, Perreira, Aldor, GoodKnight, Cory, Viking, Samurai, Imusa, Devon, Britannia, Eva, Lanher and many more.

Hatramij also markets and distributes its own proprietary products. These products include Protec Steamorub, Creolina and more.

Our success primarily rests on the depth and quality of service, it provides both to its principals and consumers.

The awareness of market needs and future trends resident within Hatramij stems from many years of experience. It is a source of pride that a substantial number of our principals have relationships with the company going back several decades.

Further evidence of our financial and trading strength is the profit and loss account and a sound balancesheet.

Effective international marketing

Hatramij ensures that principals’ products are economically and effectively marketed and distributed in the market:

  •  it overcomes problems associated with unfamiliarity
    concerning the political and economic environment,
    language and culture;
  • it provides a low risk opportunity to initiate marketing
    efforts without the need for investment in local
    inventories, warehousing, distribution and, where
    applicable, after sales service;
  • it offers an established infrastructure of management
    and administration, which is an essential cost
    element often difficult to justify for a single product
    or product range.

Hatramij’s philosophy and strengths

Our philosophy emphasizes the need to identify with and to support the overall marketing strategy of the principal:

  • it ensures that local marketing planning reflects the concepts of the principal and optimally implements agreed plans within the market;
  • it determines, in consultation with the principal, the
    merchandise program and market positioning whilst
    managing the appropriate distribution, advertising
    and promotional activities.

Hatramij’s strengths are:

  • its proven ability in providing dedicated product-
    and brand-orientated competent and experienced
    marketing managers.
  • its proven ability to support its brands by the
    required service levels including latest sales and
    marketing trends.